Eurotex Company Ltd. is a trading company established in October 1992, and over time has become an importer and distributor for several major international companies which develop and produce reagents, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, medical and diagnostic devices for both clinical and scientific research purposes.

The main trading partners of the company are Bruker-Hain Diagnostics GmbH (DE), SouthernBiotech (USA), GLYCOTOPE (DE ) and UBLOW Ltd. (GB), for which the company Eurotex Ltd. is an authorized distributor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our customers are primarily major research institutes, faculty hospitals, as well as other healthcare facilities.

Represented companies:

EUROTEX s.r.o. In cooperation with Bruker-Hain Diagnostics GmbH , our goal is to enable laboratories in the Czech Republic using high-end modern investigative techniques in the field of routine diagnostics.
EUROTEX s.r.o. DDS molecular genetic  tests of Hain Lifescience GmbH open up new possibilities for the investigation of periodontitis in the Czech Republic.
EUROTEX s.r.o. SouthernBiotech is a company focused on the development, production, refining and sales of the highest quality antibodies for research purposes. We offer a wide range of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.
EUROTEX s.r.o. GLYCOTOPE is one of the largest biotech companies in Germany and is the worldwide leader in optimizing the glycosylation of biopharmaceutics.
EUROTEX s.r.o. UBLOW Ltd. A British company mainly engaged in the development of instruments for the measurement of carbon monoxide in the breath, focusing on aid to smoking cessation.